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Meeting To Discuss Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel

How To's

Is your room makeover mini or major? Once you have estimated a budget, start a folder with clippings from magazine photos and product literature. This will help to start sketching the outline of the new look for your bathroom or kitchen.

20 Guidelines for a Safe and Convenient Bathroom

For general design guidelines, the folks at the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) have already done the work for you. Here are their top 20 guidelines for a safe and convenient bathroom.

Choosing Your Products

The first step in choosing your products is deciding on your style. What sort of room are you comfortable in? Do you prefer contemporary, traditional or perhaps eclectic décor? Do you like color or do you prefer a serene, monochromatic look? Browse through magazines, then start a file of favorite rooms - bring your file with you to Frank Webb's Bath Center and the experts there will be able to help you select the items that will fit most with your sense of style.

As you think about the style of the room, you should also be thinking about your family's needs. Beyond that, prioritize these four considerations according to their importance to you, and your choices will start to fall into place:

Choosing your Sinks

Of all your bathroom fixtures, the sink can have the biggest impact on the room. Sinks are also one of the easier fixtures to change and accessorize, easily setting or changing a bathroom's style. Sinks typically come in several styles:

To choose the sink that best fits your needs, really think about how you will use it. A deeper bowl may be better if you wash your hair or delicate clothes in the sink. If you prefer a lot of counter space, you may want a countertop or undercounter.

Choosing your Bathtubs and Showers

If you are all about relaxing, you may prefer integral armrests for serious soaking time. If safety or access is a concern, you should consider adding a grab bar for extra safety. Next consider whether you would prefer a soaking bathtub or whirlpool. And if you have the room, you might want to consider a separate shower stall.

Choosing your Toilets

Beyond comfort is a space issue, especially in compact bathrooms: elongated-front toilets extend 29 1/2" into the room; round fronts extend 27 1/2". (Some toilets are available in either size) You should also take seat height into consideration: families with adult-size or older users may prefer a higher bowl, while families with young children might choose a regular/standard-height toilet. As with any surface, the fewer crevices the easier it will be to clean.

Choosing your Faucets

They may be small, but faucets can have the biggest impact on your bathroom's style and new faucets are the quickest (and most affordable) way to give your bath a completely new look. Faucets come in single-hole models that control water flow and temperature from a single lever. Faucets also come in two-handle models with 8" and 4" spreads (the distance between the two handles).

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